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Giving your employees the opportunity to complete a nationally recognised qualification while building their skills in their role.

Mission Statement

The aim of Precise Training is to design and deliver excellence in adult and community vocational education in an environment that is tolerant of the needs of industry and the diversity found in adult education.

About Us

Precise Training is a Registered Training Organisation specialising in training and as such, realise that everyone has personal commitments. We are therefore able to offer full-time and part-time courses during the day. Our flexibility to meet your work requirements means that Precise Training can develop courses and programs to suit each individual or company requirement. We can also deliver our courses at your premises, at our spacious training facilities or even via distance learning.

Graduating hundreds of students annually

Precise Training aims to deliver quality education to ensure your perfect for the workforce. Applying all skills provided within your course, we aim to develop our students to become industry leaders.



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